How to become a criminal mastermind

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A desperate man hires a crime coach to train him into a criminal. 

'A true masterclass in independent filmmaking' - Worcestershire Film Festival

'A fast-paced inventive ride' - The Argus

'Four Stars' - Critics Associated


London Independent Film Festival - BEST LOW BUDGET FILM

Green Bay Film Festival - BEST DIRECTOR

River's Edge Film Festival - BEST FILM

Worcestershire Film Festival - AUDIENCE AWARD

5th Trenton All Night Film Festival

Singapore International Film Festival

Malvern Film Festival


how to become a criminal mastermind CREDITS

Writer/Director: Henry Scriven

Producer: Andy Brunskill, JC Morley, Seep Scriven

Starring: Joerg Stadler, Sam Massey, Phillip Weddell

Cinematographer: David Cawley

Editor: Gareth Blyth

Composer: Janine Forester